At ICT Group, the development of professionals is central. That is why we regularly offer trainee programs for young professionals who want to orient themselves broadly within their field.

Management trainee at ICT Group

As a management trainee within ICT Group, you help yourself and our organisation. You do this by getting involved in organisational issues, carrying out internal projects or taking on a role in a project at one of our clients.

The role you fulfil during your assignments is very diverse and you have a great deal of influence on it. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with various business processes in a relatively short period of time and to discover where you fit best within our organisation.

Security trainee at ICT Group

For our security practice we have developed a traineeship in which you will be prepared for the function of Security Officer in the IT/OT world. Experienced professionals from the field will introduce you to this interesting world and will show you and let you experience everything in a combination of theoretical and practical learning methods. After the traineeship, you will start working in our internal projects and with our customers.

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