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As an engineer for Managed Services, you are fully immerged in the dynamics of the clients you work for. They rely on you as the whizzkid that will understand and solve all of their software questions and problems. You maintain close contact with clients, know their organisation, and know what really hurts them or makes them happy. It is safe to say that you are our ambassador for our clients.

Take away clients' worries with Managed Services

The more complex and innovative the industrial business-critical OT and IT environment is, the more you like it. You like diversity in your job, every day is different. You switch between multiple domains, various techniques, and different business processes and software systems. You take the management off the client's hands and monitor the balance between investment and return. You keep developing yourself as an engineer. You often work with new technology and follow training programmes for this, but you may also be forced to 'learn on the job'.

“Every day is different. There are always management and maintenance issues, and calamities that require your attention”
- Johan Witkam, Managed Services

Working as an engineer for Managed Services

Your primary job is to manage and optimise industrial software solutions. You keep applications and software systems up to date and give advice about them. You minimise disruptions by performing preventive maintenance, and if disruptions still occur, you solve them. You also extend the lifetime of applications and improve the efficiency of business processes. In other words, you monitor the entire process chain. That way, you make sure that clients can always be certain of a reliable, predictable, smart, and fast business process, even in a continuously changing field.

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