As a Service Engineer at ICT Group, you will help customers keep their systems at the highest level. Continuity is our strength, whether it concerns preventive maintenance, minimization of the number of incidents or improvement processes of ongoing processes. You will provide customers with dedicated services based on partnership and close collaboration within our Managed Services teams.

Managed Services works for more than 80 clients in a variety of industries. The need for support contracts is growing strongly due to budget cuts, increasing complexity of systems and declining knowledge about automation software among our customers. To guarantee the continuity of leading industrial processes, more and more companies are opting for outsourcing. ICT Group is a much sought-after partner because of our expertise in business-critical systems, versatile domain knowledge and experience with transition processes. In order to broaden our services and continue to help customers in the best possible way, we are looking for Service Engineers who combine expertise with decisiveness, overview and calmness. In short: we are looking for fellow Service Engineers who are able to fulfil an ambassador role.

Your qualities as a Service Engineer

  • You are a generalist who inspires confidence without losing sight of the urgency of the situation.
  • You are helpful and put the interests of the customer first. You go for partnership, not for a supplier role.
  • You like dynamism and variety in your work and take responsibility for the result.
  • You go for the highest achievable, with long-term continuity being leading.
  • You are communicative and know how to ask customers the right questions, also because you know that in the event of an incident, the process software is rarely the problem.
  • You get satisfaction from solving complex assignments and the freedom you get in doing so.
  • You are a team player who can also be reached by customers and colleagues outside regular hours.
  • You work well with specialist project organisations within ICT Group.

The added value of our approach

Managed Services works for both customers for whom ICT Group has already carried out projects and clients who have had their system developed by third parties, but are looking for a specialised support organisation. Many relations and new colleagues are positively surprised by our distinctive organization with an independent service department. Within Managed Services, we work with dedicated service teams that deliberately do not carry out large-scale projects. This set-up and approach yields an excellent return for clients.

  • Managed Services guarantees long-term continuity. We operate preventively and proactively.
  • Managed Services takes customer systems to a permanently higher level. Sometimes in collaboration with development projects within the project organisation of the ICT Group.
  • Managed Services analyzes incidents and their impact on processes. The aim is to prevent or mitigate these and to guarantee business continuity as much as possible.
  • Managed Services provides lifecycle management for a constant quality of the systems throughout their entire lifespan.
  • Managed Services is helpful. Our Service Engineers put the customer first and not the technology.

Working as a Service Engineer at Managed Services

You choose varied and versatile work. You know what you're going to start with in the morning, but you never know what you're going to end up with in the afternoon. This dynamic makes the work challenging and in-depth. Repairing, improving and continuing alternate in a flow of activities. You operate within existing customer systems, working in the spirit of the DNA of existing software and code. You also know the importance of good documentation in order to be able to initiate improvement projects in the right way. You are often the first point of contact and ambassador of our organization. So good interpersonal skills are a must. Customers put their trust in your knowledge and you as a person. 

What's in it for you when working at ICT Group?

If you feel at home in a dynamic environment and get satisfaction from complex management issues, Managed Services is the next step in your career.

  • You develop yourself on both a technical and personal level. It is a must to learn to understand 4 or 5 platforms. To this end, we offer an extensive training program and budget.
  • You will work for exciting clients with whom ICT Group will have a long-term relationship.
  • You maintain excellent contacts with the Technical Service of customers, with ICT Group often providing 2nd-line support.
  • As an employee of ICT Group, you have a lot of freedom in how and where you fill in your work.
  • You will work in dedicated service teams where there is a collegial, pleasant atmosphere. We do a lot of team building and are always there for each other.

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