Jeroen Wennekes, Operationeel Manager at ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions

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Jeroen Wennekes, Operationeel Manager at ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions

  • 27 September 2019
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After earning a degree in Embedded Software, Jeroen Wennekes quickly became one of the rising stars within ICT Group. “I think it has everything to do with the many career opportunities the company has to offer.

I started out as a junior software engineer and was promoted to senior software engineer with the Healthcare unit within five years. During this period, it became my ambition to reach for the role Operational Manager (OM). I assumed it would take about ten years, but this career opportunity came much faster than I expected, also thanks to my own OM.” Jeroen is 28 years old, making him the youngest OM ever at ICT Group. “It is to the company’s credit that ambition and hard work are acknowledged with opportunities and actual career steps.”

Born techie

“Will I miss software programming?” Jeroen pauses to think.

“I’ve always enjoyed it very much, it feels like a hobby. I’m a born techie.

In the short period that I’ve work as an operational manager, I’ve used my technical knowledge and experience in Healthcare on a daily basis. A recent example is that a certain technical request was made within my account, but based on my years of experience in their operations I knew they were asking the wrong question. I discussed this with the client and explained what I thought was needed. They really appreciated the initiative. So now I use my knowledge in a different way which I like even better. It helps to support the client’s success and endorses our own capabilities.”

Operational manager

“My work consists of three main tasks,” Jeroen explains. “I am responsible for the wellbeing of several colleagues who work in secondment. I am their go-to person within ICT Group, I function as the contact person for the client, and together with each team member I make professional development plans. I currently manage the account where I used to work in secondment myself. Soon, I will be taking on more accounts. Furthermore, as an operational manager I am responsible for part of the acquisition. And thirdly, I help design the short- and long term strategy for my business unit.” His input is based on everyday practice and provides valuable information for the future. “Yesterday, I had a very productive day if I may say so,” Jeroen says smiling. “Through my network, I was able to deploy one of our software engineers on a project in my account. I also met someone at my client’s office who was looking for programming support, it is very likely they will hire the software engineer I proposed. Furthermore, I had some good talks with a couple of team members about their professional development. And I spoke with a developer from my own network who is interested in joining ICT Group.”

It is to the company’s credit that ambition and hard work are acknowledged with opportunities and actual career steps.”

Jeroen Wennekes
Operationeel Manager ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions
Jeroen Wennekes, Operationeel Manager ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions


“In my role as OM, I completely underwrite ICT Group’s vision on employer responsibility. As a company, we value human capital and care for our people’s wellbeing. ICT Group has lots of opportunities to offer, I’m proof of that. They noticed my drive and offered me a chance to challenge myself. Proactiveness and ownership are important values within ICT Group and will pay off. Personally, I find it essential to take responsibility for your own success. I also expect that from my team. I’ve told my colleagues that I will not stalk them with courses and seminars, but I do require them to keep working on their professional and personal development. I will support my team members to reach their goals at all times.”