Tom en Johan

Embedded software for the Automotive unit

Software at ICT Netherlands

  • 15 May 2019
  • 2 minuten

Tom Segers works for the Automotive Unit and Johan van Uden is a technical consultant also for the Automotive Unit. Tom works for a large German car manufacturer, where he works on the contivity box, which controls a lot of communication in the car with the other ECUs. Johan works on many different projects at the same time. He works at a research institute, but also on ICT's own product.

Working at ICT Group

At ICT, there is always attention for the person behind the work and there are also many career opportunities. In addition, you are on the very edge of the latest technology.

“What gives me a kick is getting into a car, not only your own but also those of your acquaintances or colleagues, and then seeing a system that you yourself have worked on.”
- Tom Segers

Watch the video for more specific information on what Tom and Johan do in their daily work.

Challenging projects

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