Brothers of Blues

ICT'er Joost Pennings gave an outstanding performance in the Ziggo Dome

  • 29 April 2024
  • 5 minutes

The weekend of 12, 13 and 14 April was an important one for ICT Group colleague Joost Pennings. That weekend he gave an outstanding performance with Brothers of Blues during four shows in the Ziggo Dome. With his band, Joost reached the honorable third place in the third season of The Tribute - Battle of the Bands. He tells how he manages to combine his daily work at ICT Group with his passion for music and his many upcoming gigs.

Joost has been working at ICT Group's Automotive business unit for three years. He specializes in developing and testing vehicle communication networks, such as CAN bus and LIN bus, and high-quality embedded software in the automotive industry. "My ambition as a senior software engineer is to improve the development process with a clear focus on quality by realizing early involvement of testers and an agile approach," Joost says. "I love to build functionally. I am creative and brimming with ideas. Something doesn't work 1-2-3? I always come up with a solution."

 "It has gotten completely out of hand"

That creativity is also reflected in his music. Joost: "I have been making music since I was young. That I chose the trumpet was actually predestined. My birth card shows my sister with my father's trumpet."

Most wonderful hobby

"In 2006, we founded Brothers of Blues in the bar at the brass band where I have been a member since the age of five. The Brothers of Blues is a tribute band that plays the music of the Blues Brothers," Joost explains. In 2007, they won "The Clash of the Coverbands," a competition especially for cover bands.

Music is the most fantastic hobby he could wish for. In 2021, in addition to the tribute band, Joost decided to start his own bands. By now there are about fifty musicians in "BlikBlazers”. As 'BlikBand,' the collective also organizes successful projects of its own. "It has gotten completely out of hand" Joost laughs. 

 "We performed four half-hour shows in front of a sold-out venue. Amazing."

Joost Pennings
Consultant at ICT Automotive
Joost Pennings

Personal leadership training

Joost is full of ideas. "What used to be a kind of pitfall for me was that I thought I had to implement all those ideas myself," Joost says honestly. "But if you keep all your ideas to yourself, you don't find supporters to take them to the next level together. There is a chance that your ideas will perish even before they are implemented." 
For his work at ICT Group, he attended a personal leadership training last year. "I was able to put to use the knowledge and skills I gained from this immediately," Joost explains. "The 'project BlikBlazers' was my testing ground, and even before the training was completed, I started applying it in my daily work for ICT Group. I learned to share my ideas with others, so that I can discover with colleagues whether they have a chance of success. By acting in this way, I get further and achieve more, both in my work for ICT Group and in music."

"Something doesn't work 1-2-3? I always come up with a solution."


“How do I combine all my pursuits? Just clever scheduling. I do everything with full devotion, but separate from each other. And I can switch gears quickly. When I am working for ICT Group, I am an ICT professional, on stage I am a musician and at home I am a father to our two daughters and husband to my wife. What is very nice is that my working week is four days. That way I have three whole days AND of course the evenings for the music and my family."

Brothers of Blues

Brothers of Blues participated in the third season of The Tribute - Battle of the bands. Because of their third place, they got to participate in four fantastic shows at the Ziggo Dome. "We performed four half-hour shows in front of a sold-out venue. Amazing." Joost beams. The TV appearances have now yielded many bookings, including a concert at the Gelredome on 28 September. On 11 October, their own show “A Tribute to Jake & Elwood Blues” will follow at AFAS Live. "Surely that's one of the most beautiful venues in the country," Joost says proudly.


Photo: Talpa William Rutten

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