Inigo De La Fuente’s Challeng

Inigo De La Fuente’s Challenge: Shaping the Future

  • 30 April 2019
  • 5 min

In February of this year Inigo De La Fuente started working for the Dutch ICT Group as a Senior Software Designer. Now he works on designing and developing software for the online connectivity unit of a well-known car brand.

What Inigo really likes about his job is that he can work on the latest high-tech projects with a team of highly skilled professionals that reinforce each other. In this way he directly contributes to shaping the future of driving.  “Millions of cars will be equipped with software that we develop.”

“The aim of the online connectivity unit I am working on is being able to connect the infotainment systems of cars to internet,” Inigo explains. “The car users can then connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot inside the car. Moreover, it will be possible to use new applications on the user’s phone that can control different aspects of the car such as the position of the seats. Overall, the connectivity unit enables intercommunication between the car and applications and with other cars, traffic systems and the backend of the car brand.”

Online connectivity for different countries

“Of course, government policy and regulations describe what data can be shared. It varies per country. We are now working on new features that must be included in the online connectivity unit for an Asian country, this requires specific features that differ from European versions. We work in very close cooperation with our customer(s) regarding the design, development and testing.”

Work on the latest high-tech projects

“I started working for ICT Group earlier this year. The main reason for this is that I wanted to work on the latest high-tech projects. This is what a lot of Dutch companies, especially in and around the city Eindhoven work on. Moreover, I enjoy working with equals, professional developers and engineers that I can learn from and who can learn from me.”

I contribute to shaping the future

“I also love working on automotive. It is an interesting sector with a lot of new technology that is being developed and you get the chance to work with very highly skilled professionals. And what I really like is that I am actually contributing to shaping the future. Millions of cars will be equipped with systems that I have helped to develop.”

Very flexible way of working and excellent facilities

“I work together with a team of ten engineers from ICT Group. A large part of my team works in Eindhoven. I myself, however, live and work in Barendrecht, a city in the vicinity of Rotterdam. Sometimes I work at the ICT head office, sometimes I work at the Eindhoven office and sometimes I work from home. Once in a while, is necessary to travel to the client. In general, ICT is very flexible in allowing employees to choose the most efficient working spaces for the project. The entire company and work processes are equipped with facilities that enable you to work in a flexible manner.”

“What makes the Netherlands extra attractive is that living here is very easy for internationals.”

Lots of possibilities for personal growth

“Also, ICT Group offers a large variety of trainings and courses. As ICT Group’s services directly concern providing professionals they care greatly for the personal and professional growth of their employees. They really guide you on your personal career and show you all the different paths that you can take. At the moment I am taking Scrum and team cooperation courses so that in the end I can become a Scrum Master. Another positive aspect of working for ICT Group is that if I would feel demotivated I could easily switch to another project/sector with different tools. ICT’s operational managers would help me to keep my motivation without having to leave the company or the people I work with.”

Adventure, growth perspective and better working conditions

Moving to the Netherlands in 2015, for me was a big decision. At that time, I worked in Catalonia and I got three offers. One of them was from a company in the Netherlands. Then I had three main reasons for choosing for the Netherlands. The first reason was that I liked the feeling of adventure, I wanted to have a life changing experience. Moreover, I wanted to be able to grow professionally in my career and personally in the Netherlands, basically there are more interesting projects going on than in Spain. And last but not the least the salary and employment conditions are better.”

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