Management trainees

Management trainees

  • 2 June 2022
  • 2 min

Read what our management trainees have to say!

The traineeship confronted me with my own development points. It provided me with skills and insights that I never acquired in all y years of training: knowledge about yourself, self-reflection. That is something you definitely learn as a trainee: how can you develop yourself as a person, and what is really important to you in your work and life? Apart from all the content, it offers a tremendous opportunity to open yourself and to grow as a human being.
- Jasper Groenendijk

I assisted during the development of a new service in addition to the current service chain of one or our subsidiaries, INNOCY. The cooperation with a consultant provided me insight into how market trends lead to creation of new services in order the meet the requirements and needs of the customers faster and more efficiently.

- Priya Pershad

For me, this traineeship was a step up to the role of which I now know that it really suits me. Everybody brings something unique and substance can be given to the same role in different ways. At ICT Group I learnt how I can give substance to project management in my own way. And that role? I am now fulfilling it at Turnn, and the international, innovative, and social nature of the organisation and the product energises me!

- Merle Meeuws

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