Zuyderland home monitoring for pregnant women

Health care at ICT HCTS

  • 21 January 2021
  • 2 minuten

Since 2019, the Zuyderland hospital offers telemonitoring with our Sense4Baby equipment for women with high-risk pregnancies. In this way, the unborn child can be closely monitored.

When a woman is registered for this extra care, a nurse will explain how to use the CTG device. When the woman performs the CTG at home, the data is sent to a secure portal so that they can follow it in real life at the hospital. Then the data is discussed by the doctor and the nurse.

‘‘Research has shown that pregnant women experience more stress when they have to go to hospital and less stress when they are in a home situation. This is the main reason for us to choose telemonitoring.’’ 
- Jonas Ellerbrock 

Please watch the video for more information on home monitoring.