The systems that keep our public transport landscape running are often complex, time-critical and mission-critical. There are many integrations with other software and systems which require high availability and reliability. As a Java developer, you help develop these systems and thus contribute directly to keeping traffic in the Netherlands moving.

There is a lot involved in keeping the Netherlands accessible every day. Think of the travel information systems that inform travellers and the systems that adjust timetables when a breakdown occurs, or a traffic jam, or when a tree has fallen on the railway tracks. Subsequently, the travel information also needs to be updated so that up-to-date travel information is always available.

A typical feature of the automated systems that manage these tasks is their high complexity. They are also extremely time-critical and business-critical. If something goes wrong somewhere in the chain, it can cause a major disruption to (train) traffic. This is why quality plays an important role in our software development.

Although Java has been around for a long time, the language is still evolving. ICT InTraffic follows all developments closely. We test and use new versions, frameworks and techniques. Java developers take part in code analyses and code reviews in order to maintain high quality levels, even when applying innovations.


We work with several multidisciplinary Scrum teams with an average size of eight people per team. Each team comprises the following roles: software developer, scrum master, software architect, technical integration specialist and a tester. In turn, the software developers can also have different roles: programmer, technical designer or functional designer/architect. In this team, the Java developers are responsible for developing the back-end of applications.

However, the roles frequently intertwine. Programmers also take on design tasks and designers program. Developers also work closely with testers. To achieve the best solutions, tasks in Scrum teams are often performed together. This approach ensures that knowledge is exchanged and that the various roles can learn from each other.

The Scrum teams design, build, test and deliver the software. In doing so, we collaborate with teams from other suppliers as well as with teams from our customers. This is necessary because the projects we work on often involve more than a hundred people due to the high complexity of the software we develop.

Java development vacancies at ICT InTraffic

If you would like to take on the challenge of getting to the bottom of this complexity, then you have come to the right place as a Java developer at ICT InTraffic! ICT Group regularly has vacancies for Java developers. We currently have the following vacancies:

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Besides Java 8 - 11, we often work with:

  • SpringBoot
  • Angular
  • Hibernate
  • Github
  • BitBuckert
  • InteliU
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Apache
  • Jenkins
  • SonarQube
  • Confluence
  • Junit
  • JBuilder

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