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The development of good software is complex: organisations and processes can be set up in various ways, depending on the intended purpose, and the number of possible solutions within a software system is large. This places high demands on the architecture and design of software.

Working in the software architecture & design industry

The architecture of software is only effective when the corresponding software is fully aligned with the client's procedures, working methods and technical applications. This means that your work as a software architect / designer is indispensable. With your knowledge of business processes, supporting applications, underlying technologies and experience, you deliver customised work by translating the strategy of a project, process or system into a concrete architecture and working method.

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Working at ICT Group

At ICT Group, you get all the freedom you need to apply your knowledge and experience and, together with other experts in your field, you devise and develop complex and smart software solutions for interesting clients. That is challenging and instructive at the same time. So will you choose a job? Or will you go for a great career in the software architecture & design industry?

What can you expect?

  • Working with new technologies
  • Providing customised software for business-critical systems
  • Development on a substantive and personal level through a good mix of training courses, certifications and meetings in which knowledge sharing is central
  • Cooperation with colleagues in your field with whom you can share your knowledge and from whom you can learn

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