Staying connected in these times

Nadya Emanuilova, feature integrator at Strypes

  • 3 December 2021
  • 2 minutes

Nadya Emanuilova has been working at Strypes for a number of years now and has grown from the position of management assistant to a feature integrator function.

She can work on projects remotely just fine, but misses the personal contact with her colleagues. How does she stay connected?

Virtual teambuilding in Bulgaria

“For the project I'm working on, I'm in a team with 20 employees. I speak to these colleagues online every day. The lack of face-to-face contact at work is sometimes difficult, but fairly manageable overall. We were already familiar with just about all the online collaboration tools going:  videoconferencing, screen-sharing, collaborating on documents online and communicating via social channels. However, there are times when you miss the in-person interaction, for instance during brainstorming sessions.

In order to stay in touch with each other, Strypes has prioritised online teambuilding with virtual drinks, receptions and other relaxation ways to unwind. In this way we remain connected. Naturally, what is also important is the connection with customers and potential new employees. Strypes found a solution here by conducting webinars and organising hackathons. In this way we can still share knowledge and experience and stay connected with our stakeholders.

Although it is nice to be in contact with each other remotely, I am very much looking forward to the day when everyone can come back to the office and I can see all my colleagues again.

I think we’ll look each other up right away and also take the time to catch up with colleagues from other teams we haven’t seen for so long. This period has made us all even more aware of the importance of face-to-face contact with colleagues.”