At ICT Group, we want to deliver top performance in our field. Being healthy, both physically and mentally, is good for your brain. With the campaign Go for IT we inspire and encourage each other to stay vital and in motion. Everyone in his or her own way. That is why ICT Group supported the Ladies Ride, which was held on Sunday 17 July during the Rotterdam Cycling Festival. Among the more than 800 participants there was a large group of ICT Group colleagues. Our common goal: to be in motion together and to make a nice day of it. By delivering a sporting performance together, solidarity is created. That's another thing we find very important at ICT Group.

Wendy & Leontien Ladies Ride

The Wendy & Leontien Ladies Ride took place on Sunday 17 July, it started on the festival grounds of the Rotterdam Cycling Festival. The bike ride by Leontien van Moorsel and Wendy van Dijk was a variation on the well-known Leontien Ladies Ride, in which thousands of women participated. All participants in the Rotterdam Ladies Ride cycled in the striking pink ICT Group outfit. Routes were mapped out of 25, 45 and 80 kilometres and participants could take part on a regular bicycle, racing bike, hand bike or e-bike. 

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Watch the aftermovie of the Leontien Ladies Ride here


L‘Étape Rotterdam by Tour de France

The men where also challenged. On Saturday 16 July the road race L'Étape Rotterdam by Tour de France took place. This is really something special for the fanatical cyclist and ICT Group colleagues also participated. The L'Étape Rotterdam was a closed circuit of 120 kilometres for the ultimate Tour de France feeling. An amount of money per participant went to charity!

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The Rotterdam Cycling Festival is a unique sporting event in which ICT Group employees participated and showed their sporty side. Spectators were also more than welcome! The Rotterdam Cycling Festival offered plenty of entertainment. In the tour café you could listen to special guests from the world of cycling and there were food trucks from all over the world. On Saturday, A-fever performed the ultimate ABBA tribute and Douwe Bob closed the evening. We look back on a very sporty and fun weekend with our colleagues and all the other participants! 

ladies ride

Why cycling is healthy for the body and brain

Cycling is an exertion that improves your condition, trains your muscles and burns fat. Outside air and sunshine (don't forget to put on sunblock!) ensure the production of vitamin D. This increases your resistance and improves your immune system. Half an hour in the open air every day will ensure a better night's sleep and less stress. Cycling reduces the effect of stress hormones in your body, which in turn reduces your stress levels. Cycling also produces certain substances, such as endorphins and serotonin. These substances give a feeling of happiness. This makes it even better to ride your bike on stressful days.

While cycling, you do not only put your body in motion, but also your brain. Cycling improves the blood supply. As a result, your brain gets more oxygen. Cycling also ensures that different parts of your brain communicate better with each other.

So cycling, and sports in general, are good for your work!