Client HelloFresh propels OrangeNXT to the next level

  • 4 January 2021
  • 3 minuten

On Saturday June 1st at 5:00 am in the morning, the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the OrangeNXT (an ICT Group company) office in Eindhoven. At the same time, at HelloFresh hubs all over the country, the first hundred delivery employees were being equipped with a new app. On the same day, the HelloFresh application went live in the MobileNXT cloud

Commitment above and beyond in combination with sheer excitement drove the  OrangeNXT team to witness this remarkable moment. Mark Sugirtharajah, Teamlead Business Development, Supply Chain & Operations at HelloFresh, and Huub van der Linden, Managing Director at OrangeNXT, look back at events leading up to the launch.

The business case

Ever since its inception in 2011, HelloFresh has been an innovative player in the food industry integrating smart online services for home cooks. By the end of 2018, consistent growth required HelloFresh to explore smarter solutions to manage expanding supply chains and reduce cost with ample opportunity to optimise customer experience. Mark Sugirtharajah explains: “We assembled a team of the most experienced staff consisting of hub employees, drivers, planners and customers care agents to prepare the requirements for a sustainable solution for years to come. These people, who have been the backbone of the operation for many years, knew exactly what was needed to optimise logistical processes and improve the customer experience. We were looking for a turnkey solution that could improve our business processes tailored with flexibility and scalability for future demands. We wanted a partner who could complement us with creativity, who could think along our needs and who really understood our business. Ultimately, we aimed for synergy to optimise the experience for our customers.”

‘We wanted a partner who could complement us with creativity, who could think along our needs and who really understood our business.’ – Mark Sugirtharajah, HelloFresh


Huub van der Linden jumped at the opportunity to work with HelloFresh. “I immediately knew that HelloFresh would fit us like a glove. They have been disrupting the food industry for years, dictating change when nobody saw it coming. OrangeNXT also has a different approach to our industry, taking automation many steps further than just reduction of cost. We’re in this business to add value to our clients business by making the customers’ experience an integral part of our solution. Let me show you an example. HelloFresh needs to monitor temperature at all times, groceries should be kept fresh and cool from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep. We don’t have a standard option but we seamlessly integrated a third party’s product on the MobileNXT platform. Any dashboard will now show the actual temperature of a meal box from door to door. Not only the delivery people can see the temperature in the truck, but customer care agents also have this functionality on their screen. When a customer has a question about the freshness of the lettuce, anyone in the HelloFresh operation can access the data needed to answer. That is how we add value for the HelloFresh customer.”

Excellent cooperation

Mark Sugirtharajah is very proud of the result. “OrangeNXT as a partner ticks all the boxes. We are especially happy with the time frame of their work. It took less than half a year from idea to launch, which is exceptionally fast for a completely new application including the migration of the old system. Every new request is operational in two weeks demonstrating the flexibility of the MobileNXT platform. Furthermore, the domain knowledge present in the ICT Group organisation is remarkable and really supports our business development. Last but not least, the highly intuitive interaction with the MobileNXT app cuts back on our training time and error margin.” Huub van der Linden: “We were able to deliver these results because of our excellent cooperation. HelloFresh helped us develop our platform beyond limitations. Their questions pushed us further and further, enriching our skills and services to benefit our overall performance. We’re a better tech company because of the work we’ve done for HelloFresh. A dream client I would say.”