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Lifelong learning at ICT Group

  • 20 January 2022
  • 3 minutes

As a professional you want to continue to develop yourself. ICT Group offers every opportunity for this.

Continuous learning and development

To be able to offer the right kind of training, we closely monitor technological developments. We also look closely at what clients expect now and in the future, and at the wishes and ambitions of the employees themselves. That means there is plenty of room for customization.

ICT Academy

At the ICT Academy, employees can follow a wide range of courses and training programs, both technical and in the area of skills and personal development.

We are a knowledge company that is constantly developing so that we are ready for the future. What do all the technological innovations mean for our field? What do our clients demand and what expertise will our employees need in the future? At the various business units, ICT Group offers support in making plans to answer these questions. This enables us to always offer our employees the right training programs. 

"ICT Group is a knowledge company that is always developing so that we are ready for the future."

Developing yourself

Lifelong learning begins on the first day of work at ICT Group. All new employees take part in a multi-day introduction programme. This is because we consider it very important that our new employees quickly feel at home and easily find their way in our organization. The introduction programme naturally pays plenty of attention to all the ins and outs of ICT Group, but a client visit and a culture workshop are also part of the program. After the first three days of introduction, the group will meet regularly for another six months. For example, the participants follow trainings in how to conduct intake interviews with clients, but also how to create a good personal resume.

Once at work, ICT Group employees are given every opportunity to develop further. They are supported in various ways. For example, through the ICT Academy, our own training institute with a wide range of technical training courses on topics such as machine learning or artificial intelligence. The ICT Academy also provides courses to further develop all kinds of skills, such as professional leadership and critical thinking. In addition to its own ICT Academy, ICT Group collaborates with external parties to provide training courses.

The developments in IT are moving fast. The ICT Academy's training offerings are continuously adapted to these developments. Would you like to know more about what the ICT Academy can do for you? Please contact us via [email protected].

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