Ellen te Kloeze, HR director at ICT Group about the research and the surprising results.

"It is important for us to know how we are doing from an employer point of view. Therefore we have conducted an employee satisfaction survey every year for the past six years. The results were good, but we wanted more: an internationally validated survey, the ability to benchmark with similar organizations, and a certification that is a standard in the market. So we participated in the Great Place to Work employee engagement survey. What makes Great Place to Work a good choice is that they are a global organization that specializes in this type of research. They ask the right questions and are completely independent."

A great outcome

“75% of our people participated, a fantastic score! Great Place to Work evaluates the results per country and decides whether or not to award the certification. We were excited when we found out that we achieved the certificate for all countries in the first year. Most companies do not achieve this the first time and of all participating companies in the Netherlands only 50% achieve the certificate. The outcome was also great. At a group level, we received a score of 78%. At Strypes Portugal, this was even 93%. A score to be very proud of.

“The topics on which we as ICT Group score high are: ‘I can be myself’ and ‘We treat each other equally’.

Ellen te Kloeze
HR director
Ellen te Kloeze


Those topics are important to us because we believe that people should be able to be themselves. When you can be yourself you enjoy your work the most and get the best out of yourself. You don’t have to change to work with us. Just be authentic. This is also the theme of our ‘Be you, be one of us’ campaign. Also valuable are the focal points that emerge from the survey. We listen carefully and make sure that we pay extra attention to these topics in the coming year.”

Taking the outcomes seriously

“We will discuss the Great Place to Work outcomes at all levels and with all countries. For each business unit, we’ll look at what stands out, where the opportunities for improvement lie, and how we can take advantage of them. Great Place to Work is not a one-time exercise, we have to keep working on it. This year’s score is our baseline measurement. It is not a given fact that we will score the same or even better next year. The Great Place to Work certificate simply has to be earned every year. We achieved this together. Personal growth and growth as an employer go hand in hand. Together we make ICT Group what it is: a great place to work.”