ICT OrangeNXT offers solid expertise in the field of digital transformation and provides ready-made solutions and products. Customers benefit from these solutions in the form of faster and more efficient implementations. ICT OrangeNXT: connecting people, devices and data.

We are ICT OrangeNXT

People generate data in everything they do: moving around, clicking on something, entering data, etcetera. But machines and other assets also generate data. With the Internet of Things (IoT), all this data can easily be collected in real time. For ICT OrangeNXT, digital transformation means that 'people, devices and data' are brought together to make them do 'smart things'. For instance, discovering connections and automating tasks so that people no longer have to perform repetitive tasks.

Our portfolio includes the following solutions:

  • ConNXT: Predictive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring and Asset Management;
  • MobileNXT: development (on a standard platform) of customised apps that provide logistics staff, field service engineers, parcel delivery services and auditors with a 'pocket-sized office';
  • DigitalNXT: digitisation of end-to-end processes and data collection at every stage of the process;
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Develop for the biggest brands

At ICT OrangeNXT, we work on turnkey solutions and products for large and well-known companies.

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