Conmeq shortens time-to-market with ICT's Motar

Automotive at ICT Netherlands

  • 14 October 2020
  • 2 minutes

Conmeq is a product developer that is always looking for innovations. At Conmeq they develop compact machines that make physical work easier. For this they have entered into a collaboration with ICT. ICT developed the Motar platform, which Conmeq uses. 

Motar was developed to generate software from graphical control models. It is the heart of the Conmeq machine. The platform makes it possible to program in a very flexible and simple way. In this way, the step from prototype to production model was made very quickly. As a result, we are prepared for the future. Thanks to the platform, the customer's request was implemented immediately.

“ICT group is a leading provider of industrial software solutions and services.”
- Koen Peppelman

Would you like to know more about Motar and the collaboration between Conmeq and the ICT Group? Then watch the video!