Niek and Johan

Embedded software for the Machines en Systems unit

at ICT Netherlands

  • 17 May 2019
  • 2 minutes

Our colleagues Niek and Thomas work for the Machine & Systems unit as software designers. With their work, they give the products a brain, which makes the product come to life. 

Working at ICT Group

The work is very diverse and personal growth is also very important at ICT Group. What you like and what you can do well is important.

“A lot of products are also just very interesting to work on and you see them again sometimes, it's tangible, you can be proud of things.”
- Thomas Ros 

Watch the video yourself to see what is so great about working as a software designer. 

Challenging projects

Did Niek and Thomas' story inspire you and would you also like to work on challenging and innovative projects? Then take a look at our vacancies.