Young InTraffic is the youth association of InTraffic. This means that we are an association for and by the young professionals within InTraffic. We take care of connecting young professionals with each other and with the rest of the organisation. In doing so, we focus on starters and help them find their place with us.

Relaxing and substantive activities

We also make sure there are fun activities to do throughout the year, both relaxing and substantive. For instance, we have already escaped from an Escape Room, pushed our limits at a survival day and organised a pub quiz. In addition, we organise company visits and substantive brainstorming sessions or hackatons. As a member of Young InTraffic, you can not only participate in our activities, but also take responsibility for organising something cool yourself!

A fun working environment and personal development

In this way, Young InTraffic wants to contribute to a fun working environment and good contacts with (young) colleagues from all over the organisation. In addition, we want to give young professionals the opportunity to develop themselves.

Do you have any questions for Young InTraffic?

Don't hesitate to send us an email via [email protected].

Board of Young InTraffic:

Bestuur Young InTraffic

More information?

Please contact Emiel Hermsen.

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