'With Managed Services you are in charge of your own work'

  • 21 November 2023
  • 5 minutes

Julian Visscher and Maik Verheijen work as Service Engineers for ICT Group. What makes Managed Services so attractive to work for? "Managed Services is a wonderful mix of technology and team spirit. You get all the freedom, but you are never alone!

More partner than supplier

Maik: "A service engineer is primarily concerned with maintenance, optimization and expansion of automated systems in an industrial environment. You also provide customer support, for example in case of malfunctions, and give advice. Because we don't work for the customer, but for the customer, we can look at some issues with a little more distance and think more out-of-the-box. What is the real problem? Sometimes it's still a bit of a probe, but we're there to solve their problem so we do feel free to enter the discussion. We are more partner than supplier."

Freedom and variety

Julian: "With Managed Services, you set your own schedule. You have the freedom to schedule your work yourself. That can be at the customer's premises, at the office or at home. Because of our unique combination of technical expertise and domain knowledge, we work for a variety of clients on a variety of problems. We also support other units within ICT Group, for example when transferring a project. That also makes us different within ICT Group and that is precisely what makes the work so much fun for me, that dynamism, that variety. We have in-house knowledge of various systems, we understand the client domain, so we always look for the best solution. That gives a very fulfilled feeling."

"We first think about the question. What is the real problem?"

Julian Visscher, Service Engineer at Managed Services

Ground floor

Julian: "When an applicant comes by, I always take a tour of our building. Then, for example, you might come across a self-driving cart with coffee on it that a colleague is testing. Then the applicant immediately hears an enthusiastic story. As if you are already a colleague. Wonderful right? I experience it as a kind of house, garden, room feeling." Maik: "And you are never alone at Managed Services. We are 60 people and even late at night you can call a colleague. We form one close-knit team and support each other always and everywhere. You can talk to colleagues right up to the highest manager. There is no hierarchy, everything is on the ground floor here."

"They call me Magic Maik there."

Maik Verheijen
Service Engineer at Managed Services


Julian: "A plus at ICT Group is definitely the Academy. I attend at least one course or training every year. I choose those myself, nobody directs me. And you have an incredibly wide range, both technically oriented and personal. So 'Dealing with difficult customers' or 'How to plan your work' are also studies you can take. I find the Academy an enormous addition to what I learn in practice at Managed Services. In this way, I work on my personal development in complete freedom and get better and better at my job and the roles I fulfill at clients and internally."

Be you. Be one of us

Julian: "Work, fun and personal development go hand in hand. You can be yourself and at the same time you are a teammate of a wonderful team within a wonderful company. 'Be you. Be one of us' is what we say here. Nothing could be further from the truth at Managed Services." Maik: "Absolutely true. If you like technology as a profession in which you want to grow, ICT Group is a fantastic employer with unlimited possibilities. And where you do the work together with a bunch of great colleagues and make customers happy. I recently did an assignment at a company that wasn't actually a client yet. When I finished there, they called me "Magic Maik. And then they signed the contract. Great right? Where do you find that? Right here, at Managed Services."

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