The more critical an environment is, the more important it is to test it thoroughly. Our testers are specialists in testing complex software systems that operate at the heart of public transport while having many interfaces to other systems.

Software forms the basis of all public transport; be it running a timetable or ensuring safety. Software determines which trains, buses and trams should depart when and from which locations; which switches should be moved when and which signals should jump to green or red. These are highly complex automated systems, which by definition have many interfaces to other applications. Think, for example, of the links between systems in the train, bus or tram and the 'on shore' systems. ICT InTraffic's testing policy provides insight into software quality and risks.

Testers perform all test types: regression testing, interface testing, integral testing, system testing and Model Based Testing (MBT). The latter is a method for risk-based testing. Because the risks of back-end public transport applications are high, MBT is ideally suited for public transport software testing. Where possible, they develop and implement test automation.


Testers are part of Scrum teams. Scrum teams consist of between three and nine people. Depending on the size of the team, one or two team members have testing as their main task.

Being part of the Scrum team, testers work closely with the product owner and developers. Their role is to monitor quality at every sprint. In the team, testers are the ones responsible for the quality of the software to be delivered. They determine what to test and how to report on the results.

Test vacancies at ICT InTraffic

ICT Group regularly has vacancies for testers. Please feel free to send an open application if you would like to contribute to reliable and secure public transport. 

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The main tools we use are:

  • Jira
  • SpiraTeam
  • J-meter
  • Ready API
  • Cucumber
  • Gherkin
  • Selenium
  • MBT
  • Jenkins
  • Axini
  • Self-developed tooling for data-driven testing

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