De uitdaging van Jeroen

Jeroen’s challenge

Improving the diagnosis and treatment of patients and as a result optimising quality of life

  • 25 May 2020
  • 3 min

Jeroen Wennekes is Operational Manager (OM) at ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions, a developer of advanced systems to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients and as a result optimise quality of life.

With his degree in Embedded Software, Jeroen started as a junior software engineer and quickly became one of the rising stars within ICT Group. At the age of 28 he is the youngest OM in the organization.

“I think it has everything to do with the many career opportunities the company has to offer. At ICT my drive was noticed, also thanks to my former OM, I was challenged to challenge myself. It really is to the company’s credit that ambition and hard work are acknowledged with opportunities and actual career steps.”

“As an OM I focus on three main tasks, I am responsible for a group of colleagues who work in secondment. I am their go-to person within ICT Group, I liaise with the client, and together with each team member I draw up an individual professional development plan. I currently manage the account where I used to work in secondment myself. Soon, I will be taking on more accounts. Besides this, I am responsible for part of the acquisition and I help to design the short- and long term strategy for my business unit. I feel privileged that I can contribute to the future of the business, based on my everyday practice.

“ICT Group has lots to offer, you just have to seize the opportunity, I am proof of that.”

Born techie

“Will I miss software programming?” Jeroen pauses to think. “I’ve always enjoyed it very much, it feels like a hobby. I’m a born techie. In the short period that I’ve been working as an OM, I have used my technical knowledge and experience in Healthcare on a daily basis. A recent example is that one of my former clients had a technical request of which I knew – based on my years of experience in their operations – they were asking the wrong question. I discussed this with the client and they really appreciated the initiative. So now I use my knowledge in a different way which I like even better. It helps to support the client’s success and endorses our own capabilities.”

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